EV Protection

Why EV Vehicle Protection Matters

While electric vehicles may have thousands fewer parts than traditional combustion engine vehicles, the components are more complex and specialized. It becomes highly challenging, therefore, for untrained independent service stores or even the handiest home mechanic to safely make repairs.


Before an EV’s manufacturer’s warranty ends, adding extended coverage is a wise investment for owners who want to avoid the expense of unexpected and costly repairs.


Most electric vehicle manufacturers provide coverage for an EV battery up to 10 years or 100,000 miles. eVSC Electric Vehicle Protection extends that coverage for up to 150,000 miles. In addition, comprehensive protection ranges from brakes to transmission, including hybrid/electrical vehicle components, providing peace of mind for EV owners.

Understanding eVSC Coverage

eVSC was created by vehicle protection product experts dedicated to providing the best in EV-specific coverage as the market evolves and customers’ needs change. Our extended service contracts encompass all integral components to ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s EVs will have outstanding protection from mile one.

Simply put, an Electric Vehicle Service Contract helps protect EV owners and their budgets from unplanned repair expenses. Comprehensive inclusionary coverage means protection against the mechanical breakdown of all major systems and components including the hybrid driveline, drivetrain, hybrid/electric vehicle components, gaskets, cooling systems, brakes, steering, suspension, and more, with the exception of those specially excluded.

What truly sets eVSC apart is the all-inclusive package delivered with every Electric Vehicle Service Contract:


  • Comprehensive service contract
  • Powerful level 2 home charger
  • Professional charger installation
  • eVSC Welcome Package

Your eVSC Home Charger

With eVSC, protection extends to a superior EV ownership experience with faster, smarter, cleaner charging at home. Included with every contract is a professionally installed 240-volt Level 2 charger that features:

  • Up to 9x faster charge
  • Dynamic LED charging status display
  • Quick-release mounting bracket
  • 25 feet of cable for maximum placement freedom
  • Convenient rack for neat cable storage


Stylish, convenient, and durable, the eVSC charging station is designed for all weather conditions, is UL tested and certified, and is secured with a locking mount. Compatibility with all vehicles is ensured, including Tesla with included adapter. 

Owners of multiple EVs can even rely on this unit to share charging load with two or more chargers without adding an additional circuit.


How To Sign Up for eVSC Protection

eVSC protection products are available through our dealer partners across the country. To locate a participating dealership, or to become an eVSC partner, contact us today.