About Us

eVSC is a specialty division developed and managed by DOWC®, one of the fastest-growing vehicle service contract providers and administrators in the United States. Founded by industry veterans who bring a 30-year automotive background to the venture, DOWC is a company that merges a wealth of collective industry experience with cutting-edge digital process automation.


Headquartered in Northern NJ, DOWC offers customizable F&I products and expertise in compliance, as well as a full suite of technology designed to optimize productivity and expedite claims adjustments, processing, and reporting.

Expanded Protection to Meet the Market’s Changing Needs

Electric vehicles are on pace to become the standard for personal and commercial vehicles in the coming decades. While the technology continues to evolve, the need for protection grows ever greater. As an established partner in vehicle protection, we are dedicated to creating new products and services that will meet our customers’ needs well into the future.


Making minor adjustments to a traditional vehicle service contract that was developed and tailored to cover the mechanical failure of a combustion engine and related parts simply isn’t good enough for true EV protection. That’s why DOWC applied its considerable expertise to building eVSC – a truly unique protection product that expands upon the core protections of a standard VSC to provide high-value coverage designed specifically to protect all types of electric battery powered and hybrid electric vehicles and the modern technology and componentry within them.


Pair eVSC’s protective benefits with the irresistible addition of a professionally installed deluxe home charger and smart technology, and the result is a product that takes the worry out of the EV and hybrid EV ownership equation.

Welcoming Dealer Partners to Our Network

Welcoming Dealer Partners to Our Network

As electric vehicles gain market share, dealers’ concerns about service drive retention are valid. With significantly fewer parts than traditional combustion engine vehicles, EVs may aggregate a lower level of repairs over the course of ownership. When breakdowns occur, however, the need for specialized service will be even greater than for standard vehicles.


DOWC has long been dedicated to partnering with dealers by providing product solutions and participation options that protect and grow wealth through F&I. Our specialty eVSC brand is perfectly suited to empower dealers to expand their revenue stream and protect their service drive as they transition inventory to meet consumer demand.


Dealers selling eVSC vehicle protection products have the opportunity to differentiate themselves in the market with products tailor-made for their electric vehicle customers. With a tie-back to the selling dealer’s service drive and the high-value addition of a professionally installed upgraded home charger, handled directly by us as the eVSC provider and administrator, this vehicle protection product is like no other on the market.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to launch your eVSC sales and participation program without delay.